Graphic EZ Print is your best choice for custom printed products and services in the South Bay area of Los Angeles.

We're family owned and operated using core family values.

Graphic EZ Print is your best choice for custom printed products and services. We have been serving local businesses and individuals in the Los Angeles South Bay area and the surrounding communities for many years. As a family owned and operated business, we run our business based on the core family values of honesty, integrity, communication and commitment.

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Our biggest strength is treating our customers with a personal touch, just like you are part of our family. We're always striving for new ways to delight our customers by improving our products and services. When you call expect a real person to answer the telephone, one that can answer your questions at the time of the call. We guarantee you'll be 100% satisfied with your Graphic EZ Print experience. In the rare instance that you're not satisfied, don't worry we'll make it right for you. The bottom line is we stand behind our work.

Graphic EZ Print has the best quality and price combination and specializes in customer communication.

Our prices and quality for our custom printed products and services are among the best in the printing industry. We don’t just take your print order, we find out what your intended use of the product is so that we can suggest a production method that will yield you the quality you need at an affordable price. As in any relationship, we realize that communication is of paramount importance, so we strive to communicate with you throughout the entire printing process from conception through delivery. We know that helping you succeed, helps us succeed. You’d be hard pressed to find better pricing and quality combination for custom printed products and services in the South Bay area of Los Angeles.

Graphic EZ Print guarantees on-time delivery of your time-critical products.

We also pride our company on delivering our products on-time. We know that your custom printed products and services won’t do you any good if they aren’t ready until after an event is over. If we make a commitment to get your time-critical product on-time, you can rest assured that it will happen.

Graphic EZ Print is your best value for custom printed products and services in the South Bay area of Los Angeles.

All factors combined there is no better value for custom printed products and services anywhere.. As you can tell from the information presented above, we strive to create a win-win relationship with our customers.

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Our Products

Advertising Specialties - Promotional Items

Advertising Specialities or promotional items are great give-aways to get your brand known in your marketplace.  We have access to over 100,000 wholesale suppliers, so we can get your name and logo on almost anything you want.  It it exists, we can get it for you, just let us know. 


Custom vinyl banners are a great and inexpensive way to advertise an event, such as sales, business grand openings,new products, party or school and church events.  Our custom banners are made of thick 13 oz vinyl, so they can be used either indoors or outdoors. You can get them in an almost unlimited length and height.  We include hems and grommets for easy hanging at no additional cost. 

Black and White Copies

We offer qreat quality black and white copies, produced quickly at a very reasonable price. We us high speed black and white digital presses to print sets of sheets collated or uncollated depending on your preference.  While most customers print these on standard white 20 lb bond, we offer a wide selection or paper stocks to suit every need.

Once printed we offer many ways to bind the sheets together including upper left corner stapled sets, stapled booklets, plastic coil bind, wire-o binding, etc. 

Booklets and Catalogs

Booklets and Catalogs are used to provide a large amount of information in a relatively small space  like magazines or product catalogs.  Although in recent years both types of products have declined in popularity due to the digital revolution, many top marketers realize that people still want and respond well to the physical touch of these items.

Brochures and Flyers

Brochures and flyers are very effective media for getting information into the marketplace about your business or event.  Typically they concentrate on one aspect of your business like a single product or service as space is limited.

Business Cards

Business cards are small but very important as they usually represent the first impression you make on a potential customer.  As we all know you only get one chance at a first impression, so make the most of it by getting impressive business cards for yourself and company.


Calendars are a great way to advertise your business so your client or prospect sees your message daily.  The design of your calendar is important for it to be an effective marketing tool.  So leave plenty of space in each daily block for people to write their information.  Also, provide impressive graphics so they'll want to hang it up to glance at throughout the day.

Carbonless Forms

Carbonless forms provide multiple copies of the same form which are edge glued together so that upon completion each part of the form goes to a different departmnt.  Typically carbonless forms are 2 or 3 part in white-yellow or white-yellow-pink, respectively. If you need more than 3 parts, let us know as we can do that as well.

Color Copies

We specialize in making color copies on our two digital presses anywhere from just a few copies up to a few thousand.  Our well-maintained digital presses will make even your most demanding 4 color design look great.  

Continuous Forms

Continuous forms have lost popularity as laser and ink-jet printers have dominated the marketplace in recent years.  But there is still no substitute for using continuous forms on dot matrix printers for printing out a large number of documents in single or multi-part forms.


Envelopes are a mainstay for businesses from commercial to announcement to speciality envelopes.  We can print all of them for you such as envelopes for your letterhead or invitations, etc.  We print them in one-color, two-color or 4 color process depending on your needs.

Event Tickets

Event tickets are essential for controlled access to events such as fundraisers, sporting events, musicals, and school events. They can be simple black and white on colored stock to 4 color process on card stock depending on your needs.

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are often overlooked as a marketing tool, but they can be incredibly powerful.  Whether you send them to your clients for holidays or a simple thank you, they often have an immediate effect in terms bringing in more business and customer loyalty.  The personal touch of a custom greeting cards just make people feel special.


Custom invitations are the primary medium used to encourage attendance at weddings, business seminars, open houses and parties.  The quality and design of the invitation sets the tone of the event, so it's important to create a top-notch invitation.

Labels on Rolls or Sheets

Custom printed labels are great for marketing your brand.  When printed on rolls, labels give you many cost effective options like die-cutting for unique shapes and foil stamping to give bright colors that stand out in the crowd.

Mailing Services

Once your product is printed, the next challenge is to get it to your potential customers hands and mailing your product does just that.  We provide mailing services for your products for first class, standard and EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail), all of which have certain advantages in terms of cost and delivery.  Let's discuss which option is best for your project.


Postcards are fantastic for marketing your business, product or service.  They are impressive looking and inexpensive to both print and mail.  Postcards come in many different sizes, but the most effective are larger postcards that grab your prospect's attention simply due to their size.


Posters are a fantastic way to get the word out about your company or an event.  They can be quite impressive with photo quality 4 color printing and they come in a wide variety of sizes from as small as 11 x 17" to 36" x 48" and even larger.  And they can be ordered in quantities as small as just one poster.

Presentation Folders

Presentation folders add that professional touch to your marketing material.  They are quite impressive when given to a potential customer with your marketing material inside.  You can get them in a wide variety of colors, paper stocks, foil stamping, embossing and debossing providing you just the look you want.

Raffle Tickets and Books

Raffle ticket's primary use is for fundrasing.  Typically they have two parts, one for the purchaser and one the orgainization keeps.Usually they are perforated to allow easy detachment and contain numbers on each part to announce and locate the winner when the drawing occurs.  They can be simple one-color to 4 color process depending on your needs.


Corporate stationary consists of letterhead, matching envelopes and business cards, all depicting and enforcing your brand.  They can be ordered in a wide variety of paper stocks and colors to perfectly define your brand.